Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Still Around

I'm still here, just not much to blog about. :p  Winter is always a slow season for me.  Its chilly outside so there's nothing to do and without a job in the foreseeable future, nothing to celebrate.

Ever since coming up north I always think the same thing when ever winter hits: how did people way back when get through this?  I hear my friends complain about how cold it is as they bundle up in their expensive clothes and start their cars from their bedrooms so it'll be warm when they climb in.  Not to mention the heaters in the house keeping it comfortable.

As I take the dog out at night, bundled up in a homemade cloak and staring up at the sky I just wonder what it used to be like.  No heating except a fireplace of some sort, no cars but horses and carriages, etc.  Not to mention clothes! I get weird looks walking around in my cloak but its warmer then my leather winter coat, so screw their funky glances.

I talked to Grendal about this and he laid things out.  It should've been rather simple to come to the same conclusion but I just couldn't wrap my head around it before he spoke.  I love him dearly.  We both seem to be on the same wavelength when it comes to things like these.

The changing of the season is roughly a month away.  The family is still struggling with money and job searches.  Grendal's father is having a hard time justifying working for minimum wage, which is understandable to a certain extent but right now money is money.  This family wont stay afloat with only one paycheck.  Nothing is panning out for Grendal and I job-wise either.  My depression is starting to rear its ugly head once more but Grendal is helping along with it.  If I had the extra money for seeds and what not I'd try my hand at another vegetable garden to help the family out in the food area.  But there's that 'm' word again.  Can't seem to keep it around.

I think if we could move to a better place we would.  The unemployment rate around here is bad: 9.3.  The bad thing is that's only those being counted now. The three of us in this house aren't being counted and there are others that aren't, so its probably a little worse then that(like that in the other states too).  I'm just praying that something will change.

Well, time for happy thoughts! I'm off to do laundry, bake some bread for the family, and do some fun stuff.