Friday, July 8, 2011

Fire Hot

Fire indeed hot! (woot, for murdered Futurama quotes)  Seriously, though, when doing a spell with fire remember that one can be burned in the literal sense. :|  Had a nasty flare up and lost some hair on my arm. Slight burn but nothing aloe could take care of.  Yeah, made a mental note on how to 'properly' work with fire.

Anywho! Serious life things have been serious. Quick run down: Job going well(coworkers love me!), financial situation of the house is looking slightly better but still bad, my student loans are coming in which means I gotta start paying them off next month(ick), summer is too damn hot, I'm making mead, we have an etsy shop(click the RyallWay image on the side bar to check it out) and Grendal proposed about two weeks ago!!! :D

After nearly 7 years together he proposed.  He had been thinking about it for a while, we had talked about it together, and then it just happened.  Grendal felt bad that he didn't have a ring but gave me his necklace that has Mj√∂llnir on one side and a dragon on the other.  He was also slightly unhappy with how the proposal went but I think it was memorable. Grendal took me to a local forest preserve and we sat and looked at the lake. Sadly we weren't alone: there was a gentleman fishing a few yards to our left as well as two different groups on other parts of the lake(one being a rowdy group of 20-somethings).  There was also one annoying bird, but we were lucky enough to see a crane fly by.  We sat together just looking over the lake, enjoying our time. I started getting eaten alive by mosquitoes (I'm rather allergic if I start to scratch them) and the 20-somethings were getting louder(one of 'em shouted 'ITS A TRAP!' which cracked me up). I said we should head out because I needed to get some benadryl.  Grendal hugged me and said that this wasn't how the proposal was supposed to go.  O^O  I was stunned, got teary eyed when I noticed the serious look on his face, and said yes!

There is no set date, though I suggested June 21 2013. It's a Friday as well as midsummer, so it works out. Grendal seem okay with that and we've agreed to make a BIG batch of mead for the celebration. We do know our 'wedding' won't be traditional. Most likely we'll be doing it in his yard. It'll be more like a big party then anything else. Food, music, friends, family, and a bonfire once it gets dark! One of Grendal's cousins said he's legally capable of marrying us, which would be great. I don't know where to find a person who could do a handfasting, let alone how much it would cost(we're goin' the cheap route). :I

So yeah....that's my update for the time being. Haven't been spiritually 'active' in the sense that I had been a while ago. I'm still trying to get used to working and my energy is slowly catching up with me. Plus I'm still doing some soul searching in that department. It seems like once I think I may have found something, something else pops up and get my attention so I MUST investigate. Either way, I'm learning, living, and growing so much!