Monday, September 17, 2012

Furry feet and good food!

My birthday is coming up. Gonna be the big 2-8. These things aren't becoming as big of a deal as they used to be, probably thanks to Grendal.  Birthdays weren't that big a deal in his life and while I want to celebrate his birthday he just seems rather blah about it.

As an odd twist, though, we are celebrating my birthday, along with my father-in-law's, in a nifty way.  We're having a Hobbit Breakfast! More like Elevenses, but it's the thought that counts.  Grendal and I are bringing the eggs, bacon, and sausage, making coffee and tea, and than his sister is providing scones and clotted cream.  Sounds like it's going to be a big thing, something nice for the family.  I'm thinking about breaking out my soundtrack for LotR to play in the background!

With the weekend also comes Mabon/Fallfeast.  I have become lax on doing much of anything during the warm seasons, but that seems to be what happens.  Strangely, I am more active during the fall and winter months, and a little in spring.  I'll make it a point to set aside a plate of food and warm bread (will try to make some for the day) for the gods and the wights.  Depending on the weather and how Grendal and I feel, I might be able to convince him to spend part of the day at a local state park.  We had originally wanted to go camping but, well, life happened. :I

Speaking of life, things are still kinda rocky/hectic for Grendal and I.  The deli I work in has been forced to go union thanks to the other stores in the area.  That's not bad, they seem to leave us well enough to ourselves, but it's the proposed contract that has everyone nervous.  Those that I work with seem to be okay with this version but the Union Reps aren't happy.  We vote again early next month and if we decline this contract we strike. Not good.  Many of us, myself included, cannot deal with a strike.  The amount we make there is just enough for some of us to get by and a strike would effectively cut off our income.  A lot of us are pretty nervous. Grendal has been getting more hours at his store, which is good.  He's happy but is getting worn down.  Hopefully the two days off this weekend will be enough to reboot his system.

We've been trying to save as much as we can for our wedding but things are falling through.  Our attempt at mead for the celebration might not happen, which is sad but things just keep cropping up and we have to place our money else where for the time being.  He also wants to save up so he can finish off his last college class (no financial aid, sadly) before looking into taking a similar job as my brother-in-law, which is working for Canadian Pacific.  He's keen on the idea and my brother-in-law enjoys it.  The only downside that we see at the moment is the fact that he'd be gone for days at a time.  It's a sacrifice we'd make if it means we can live with a slight bit of comfort.

Other than that, life has be chugging along.  Working what we can, saving what we can, and trying to keep sane.  With the chill in the air, though, I know I'm gonna come back to life and be a bit more present here.  Hopefully. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How Very Hip(pie) of You!

Like the title of my blog denotes, I live in my own world for the most part.  The only 'normal' thing that is a must is work.  I gotta work to pay bills, to survive, and save.  In all honesty, if Grendal and I could I think we would live off the grid and wander the earth.  Sadly we're both rather attached to our computer and anything that comes with that.  So we try, as best as we can, to better ourselves with the rest of the world.

Recently I took a venture into making my own granola with a huge success.  I've been eating the stuff like it's the only way I'll survive.  I've already made plans to do something 'seasonal' when autumn rolls around and I get my hands on some nice pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds from a local apple orchard.  We also have a garden slowly growing, one that the entire family is working on.  Slowly I've been doing more and more research into bettering our diet through simple means.  I'm trying to get away from frozen veggies and use the steamer that has been sitting around getting dusty.  There has also been just a general influx of healthier and fresher foods creeping into the household.

Grendal and I (more him) have slowly gotten away from drinking cow's milk.  He was starting to have an adverse reaction to it and the only thing we could figure was the beginning of an intolerance.  My mother is lactose intolerant and I was starting to show signs myself and decided to go along with Grendal on this little venture.  While we still eat some cow milk based ice cream, yogurt, and sherbet, neither of us have drank milk in probably a month.  He's feeling so much better and I don't know if there's been much of a difference in me, but I haven't really missed it.

Along with the granola making I decided that I could start making my own yogurt.  So off I went to the internet to do some searches on how to go about doing so. The recipes I've found are pretty basic and I'll be experimenting rather soon!  What struck me as odd was a certain recipe/blog entry from someone who was venturing into yogurt making themselves.  They said they were 'doing something very hippie.'  That made me stop and wonder how yogurt making was a hippie thing to do.  Needless to say I found no answer in my own mind and didn't bother any more with it.

The whole hippie thing, though, has been following me for years.  My mother and auntie in Hawai'i have both said that if I was to ever move there they knew that it wouldn't take long before I was part of the hippie community there.  I laughed it off and agreed that there was some truth to that.  More recently I've had my manager and a worker in another department lovingly call me a hippie.  I've talked to them about my bread making, my gardening, and have even gone a little holistic with them(heh).  I pointed this out to Grendal and all he did was nod.

"You're a bit of a hippie."  And then he went on to compare me to Abby O'Neil from Dharma and Greg(a favorite show of mine in middle school, and my favorite character!!).

Thinking about it I am a Granola Child, minus the vegetarian bit. :)  I wouldn't have it any other way and neither would Grendal.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Another month gone by without a post. Sadly it's because there hasn't been much to post about in my little corner of the world. Just trying to get by and what not.

Grendal and I recently hit a set back in the way of saving up for our wedding.  We had nearly 1000 set aside when we realized that we needed a mower for our 4+ acres of grass.  His parents agreed to pay us back and there went our savings.  They've made one 'payment' so far but that was about two or three weeks ago and was a vary small portion of it.  While it rankles me I can't say much because they're in a financial bind due to bills and little in the realm of a budget and restraint.

The two of us have sat down and looked at what we need/want for the wedding.  I think we've come to the conclusion that 15 gallons of mead is a bit much due to how strong our brew is, and how many bottles we'll need.  That and we don't have many drinkers in our group.  I'm thinking about taking it down to possibly 6.  We'll see how Grendal takes that.

We'll be heading to Bristol RenFaire to pick out our wedding jewelry.  There is a lovely little stall that sells pendants and this time we'll be springing for silver rather than copper ones.  We've also thought about purchasing a drinking horn for our shared cup of our homemade mead.  Thought it would be a nice touch.  I'm also thinking about looking for a headdress or something else as an accessory.  Don't know what just yet, I'll just have to see.

Lately I've had the urge to rearrange my altar.  I think it's gotten cluttered and I need to downsize.  That and I believe some of my statues need to be put away.  While I am not disregarding the deities as I move their representations, I just feel like I've moved on to something else.  I always feel horrible when this happens.  While I worked with Ba'al and those in that Pantheon, it just feels like something no longer clicks.  I was so in to that mind set for some time and with a sudden switch, I'm off reading something else.  To others it might seem like just jumping from one group to another just because I can.  That's not the case.  I've been studying and learning, expanding my views once more.  In a way Ba'al was a gateway to another deity and Pantheon, one that seems closer to home than any other.  There are times when I can feel him but, for the most part, his time with me has come to an end.  A time that was wonderful!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Out of Hibernation

I love winter. Simply LOVE it. Which is strange since both my sisters and mother despise northern winters and you'd think, being a Hawai'ian child, I'd hate it too. Seems like I managed to have more of my father's blood in me when it comes to which seasons I enjoy. The snow and the cold nights! Hot drinks and warm hearty meals that really make this house a home. Having to cuddle up with Grendal to keep warm while we sleep. Even Yuko, our odd mix of a pup, loves the snow! Being a short haired breed who came up from Alabama we thought she'd hate the snow. Nope. Whenever a fresh bunch fell she begged to go out and play. Running, digging, eating, and rolling in the snow until it just got too cold. Yuko is a dog after our own hearts.

That and being with my modern day viking of a man, Grendal. I don't like summer that much anymore and it's because of the heat. When it gets to be anything above 80 I tend to melt and not want to do much unless there is a breeze, I'm near water, or in the middle of the woods.

The birds around here have told us that winter is now a memory and Spring is in full swing. While the actual transition is still a few days away, you can't really deny nature and animals. Grendal pointed that out yesterday while we listened to a Robin sing. My little Goldfinches, Chickadees, Mourning Doves, and Cardinals have all strayed from the feeders to find their own food. Kinda sad but I bet they're happy to be out and about.

Its early to mid march up here and it's bordering on 80 degrees. D:  Way too early for this heat and the upper part of the house(the part we rent) doesn't vent heat, it holds it in. So we bake, our electronics bake, the animals don't wanna be up here, etc. Despite that I've started walking home from work to take in the sun and see if I can gain some color without actually burning for once(doubt it). Gotta take out the bikes and check the tires so I can ride to and from work.

Grendal and I have started to save up money for our wedding. Its a little over a year away and I'm already paranoid on what to do. I mean what the hell do I do for a wedding? We're having it in the yard and the person doing the ceremony is going to be a family friend. All of it's going to start in the afternoon and give way to a bonfire. We don't even know how many people to invite. :I  His family is HUGE compared to mine, even if my mother's side was able to fly out and join us. The only thing we know for sure is where we're getting our wedding jewelery(to pendants from a local RenFair), what I want to do for a dress(still gotta get the pattern and double check that Grendal's mother is willing to help), have my mother make my headdress, and, above all else, brew our Mead! That is the part I'm looking forward to. Our first batch turned out wonderful so we're going to ahead and make about 15 gallons worth for the wedding.

So, since winter is over and spring is in full swing I can no longer hibernate. Time to open the windows, spruce up my altar, and begin life anew! No more winter woes that seem to creep in no matter how much I love the season. While my little corner of the world may not be as I imagined, it's my freakin' corner.