Friday, March 16, 2012

Out of Hibernation

I love winter. Simply LOVE it. Which is strange since both my sisters and mother despise northern winters and you'd think, being a Hawai'ian child, I'd hate it too. Seems like I managed to have more of my father's blood in me when it comes to which seasons I enjoy. The snow and the cold nights! Hot drinks and warm hearty meals that really make this house a home. Having to cuddle up with Grendal to keep warm while we sleep. Even Yuko, our odd mix of a pup, loves the snow! Being a short haired breed who came up from Alabama we thought she'd hate the snow. Nope. Whenever a fresh bunch fell she begged to go out and play. Running, digging, eating, and rolling in the snow until it just got too cold. Yuko is a dog after our own hearts.

That and being with my modern day viking of a man, Grendal. I don't like summer that much anymore and it's because of the heat. When it gets to be anything above 80 I tend to melt and not want to do much unless there is a breeze, I'm near water, or in the middle of the woods.

The birds around here have told us that winter is now a memory and Spring is in full swing. While the actual transition is still a few days away, you can't really deny nature and animals. Grendal pointed that out yesterday while we listened to a Robin sing. My little Goldfinches, Chickadees, Mourning Doves, and Cardinals have all strayed from the feeders to find their own food. Kinda sad but I bet they're happy to be out and about.

Its early to mid march up here and it's bordering on 80 degrees. D:  Way too early for this heat and the upper part of the house(the part we rent) doesn't vent heat, it holds it in. So we bake, our electronics bake, the animals don't wanna be up here, etc. Despite that I've started walking home from work to take in the sun and see if I can gain some color without actually burning for once(doubt it). Gotta take out the bikes and check the tires so I can ride to and from work.

Grendal and I have started to save up money for our wedding. Its a little over a year away and I'm already paranoid on what to do. I mean what the hell do I do for a wedding? We're having it in the yard and the person doing the ceremony is going to be a family friend. All of it's going to start in the afternoon and give way to a bonfire. We don't even know how many people to invite. :I  His family is HUGE compared to mine, even if my mother's side was able to fly out and join us. The only thing we know for sure is where we're getting our wedding jewelery(to pendants from a local RenFair), what I want to do for a dress(still gotta get the pattern and double check that Grendal's mother is willing to help), have my mother make my headdress, and, above all else, brew our Mead! That is the part I'm looking forward to. Our first batch turned out wonderful so we're going to ahead and make about 15 gallons worth for the wedding.

So, since winter is over and spring is in full swing I can no longer hibernate. Time to open the windows, spruce up my altar, and begin life anew! No more winter woes that seem to creep in no matter how much I love the season. While my little corner of the world may not be as I imagined, it's my freakin' corner.