Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How Very Hip(pie) of You!

Like the title of my blog denotes, I live in my own world for the most part.  The only 'normal' thing that is a must is work.  I gotta work to pay bills, to survive, and save.  In all honesty, if Grendal and I could I think we would live off the grid and wander the earth.  Sadly we're both rather attached to our computer and anything that comes with that.  So we try, as best as we can, to better ourselves with the rest of the world.

Recently I took a venture into making my own granola with a huge success.  I've been eating the stuff like it's the only way I'll survive.  I've already made plans to do something 'seasonal' when autumn rolls around and I get my hands on some nice pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds from a local apple orchard.  We also have a garden slowly growing, one that the entire family is working on.  Slowly I've been doing more and more research into bettering our diet through simple means.  I'm trying to get away from frozen veggies and use the steamer that has been sitting around getting dusty.  There has also been just a general influx of healthier and fresher foods creeping into the household.

Grendal and I (more him) have slowly gotten away from drinking cow's milk.  He was starting to have an adverse reaction to it and the only thing we could figure was the beginning of an intolerance.  My mother is lactose intolerant and I was starting to show signs myself and decided to go along with Grendal on this little venture.  While we still eat some cow milk based ice cream, yogurt, and sherbet, neither of us have drank milk in probably a month.  He's feeling so much better and I don't know if there's been much of a difference in me, but I haven't really missed it.

Along with the granola making I decided that I could start making my own yogurt.  So off I went to the internet to do some searches on how to go about doing so. The recipes I've found are pretty basic and I'll be experimenting rather soon!  What struck me as odd was a certain recipe/blog entry from someone who was venturing into yogurt making themselves.  They said they were 'doing something very hippie.'  That made me stop and wonder how yogurt making was a hippie thing to do.  Needless to say I found no answer in my own mind and didn't bother any more with it.

The whole hippie thing, though, has been following me for years.  My mother and auntie in Hawai'i have both said that if I was to ever move there they knew that it wouldn't take long before I was part of the hippie community there.  I laughed it off and agreed that there was some truth to that.  More recently I've had my manager and a worker in another department lovingly call me a hippie.  I've talked to them about my bread making, my gardening, and have even gone a little holistic with them(heh).  I pointed this out to Grendal and all he did was nod.

"You're a bit of a hippie."  And then he went on to compare me to Abby O'Neil from Dharma and Greg(a favorite show of mine in middle school, and my favorite character!!).

Thinking about it I am a Granola Child, minus the vegetarian bit. :)  I wouldn't have it any other way and neither would Grendal.