Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Reason for the Season

Skyrim is eating up whatever free time I have, so posts I had intended to, uh, post won't be getting here any time soon.

Alrighty, down to business.  With the winter holidays coming up quick there is no doubt in the return of the whole 'Put Jesus back in Christmas' issue.  I usually ignore it since it doesn't really apply to me.  To each their own and what not.  I am a firm believer that religion should stay out of public schools and have been for years.  Hell, I even wrote two term papers on it in high school.  I try and stay out of those conversations because it just brings up so much bad blood and ill will in a lot of cases.

Recently I found out that two pagan friends have 'switched sides'.  I know that sounds horrible but that's what popped up in my head when I found out/heard about it.  Both women were very devout in their Pagan ways and we talked to each other about all manners of Pagan and witchy stuff.  It made me feel happy to have someone to talk face to face about what we do in general practice or to come to each other for advice.

The first friend, and the one I know best, was very much into her beliefs and was part of a small group I was in trying to get a Pagan group started at a local college.  We weren't there to start a circle, but to educate people on the Pagan community but that's neither here nor there.  She had been a friend in high school so when I found out she was Wiccan I rejoiced.  Now, though, she converted to Catholicism due to her marriage.  At first I thought it may have been one of those moments where she was like 'sure, whatever' but the more I kept up with her online the more confused I got.  She still wishes me and our other Pagan friends happy holidays when they pop up but I noticed she was asking where she could find pins that proclaimed 'Jesus is the reason for the season.'  I saw that and I was floored.  She is an educated person when it comes to the history of religions and faiths so it bothered me greatly to say that winter holiday is thanks to one person who fits a description of many *coughMithracough*.  It usually rubs me the wrong way when people want to be PC but, honestly, when it comes to holidays I want that PC-ness.  Don't wish me Merry Christmas, please.  Don't tell me Happy Hanukkah or any thing else for that matter.  If you do than I will wish you a Happy Yule or Twelfth Night.  My point is, is that the assumptions irritates me to the point that I have the urge, during work, to tell those who say 'May God bless you,' 'May Odin All Father bless you.'  :|  That'll go over well.

While I understand it my friend's right and privilege to follow what ever she wants to follow, it just baffles me that someone so devout in their previous beliefs could suddenly pop up something else.  I can blame it on the husband all I want but it makes me question my friend.  Was she so devout?  Was she just trying something on?

My other friend I don't know so much about.  She had been going through a rough patch and, again this is in my head, I think someone may have gotten to her in her weakness.  She is now born again and seems to completely ignore her past dealings with Wicca.

I think I'm getting bitter in my age.  I'm only 27 and I'm getting cranky with others for odd reasons.  Grendal is there to help figure things out when I just sit around and grump, but even he was surprised.  We've chosen to let it go but I do have something to ask those who happen to read this: Do or did you know anyone who suddenly went from one religion/faith to another out of seemingly nowhere?  What went through your head? :\


  1. Unless it was the religious things you had in common that made you friends in the first place, their change of faiths should not bother you that much. They are still the same people after all - and if something pops up now taht bothers you, you can be sure it was there before and you simply couldn't see it.

  2. That is true. I think what it boils down to is that I have so few 'in person' contacts of those who are similar faiths. I cling to them like there is no tomorrow. I think that was why I was so torn between the confusion of why they did it and that they can turn to what ever they want, it's their choice.

    Thanks, Diandra! While Grendal is usually my voice of reason he was confused as much as I was, so another voice is most welcome!