Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pagan Blog Prompts: Ethics and the Economy

We all know the economy is in a downward spiral as of late, and because of that, people have become willing to sell just about anything they can to make some extra money. While selling material goods is one thing, how do you feel about people that charge for spiritual services?

For example, does it make one a bad person if one sells Tarot or Palm readings to make ends meet? What about the folks who offer spiritual advice and guidance without divination tools, and charge for that service? Is this really a matter of ethics at all?

I admit that I've always been leery when ever I pass a shop that advertises palm readings or tarot sessions.  I shake my head and wonder who would actually go there.  The shops are little hole in the wall places and, where I'm at, in a shady part of town except for one.  I always doubt the validity of the person giving the readings even though I've never even seen them.  Yes, the person may be the best damned person when it comes to readings but I always doubt it.  Why, though?  Its because they're charging for what they do.  I have no reason to be so staunchly against it, no one ever told me doing so was so bad, which makes me feel horrible.  Why am I judging so harshly?  For all I know this is their only means of making money.

Taking into consideration the second paragraph's second question(mouthful there) it doesn't make sense!  I don't think it's odd when anyone else does so but I look down my nose at those tarot readers.  Why?  Guess I still have some hangups, ones that I should try and dissect to see what's going on.

Recently I've debated about the idea of offering readings for a price, though I've been under no great demand for my abilities.  I need the money and the price would be pocket change.  I honestly shouldn't feel bad about it.  There are New Age stores that charge outrageous prices on simple things and no one thinks twice.  True, they're not offering readings but there is a connection there at least for me.  The shop needs to make some money and so do those people who set up shop and offer readings, charging for the minute.

I suppose I've always imagined myself giving readings to people in the kitchen of a Victorian home(my parents' actually) on sunny afternoons.  Always happy to see the regulars and welcoming the new clients or those who are just curious.  I have iced tea for them, perhaps some snacks depending on the day.  There is always the smell of lilacs coming in from the garden and the tinkling of the wind chimes on the back porch.  The cat is sleeping in a stream of sunlight and the dog is resting at my feet as I give the reading.  Sure, I charge the person.  At first its cash, always reasonably priced, but when they become regulars I suggest something else.  Candles, tea, or seeds as payment.  Its all just a fantasy, something that would be lovely to see but doubtful in reality.

The times.....they are tough.


  1. The times are tough, but it's a good fantasy to carry you through. :)

    That's cool that you do hula dancing. I've never tried it but I've always been curious. What do the hand movements in hula dancing look like? Is it kind of like the smoke hand but... hm... how to put this... a "stirring the pot" motion? :P

  2. Actually the movement looks pretty much the same, when it does happen. Usually the hands are held 'flat' when we move our arms but for things like picking it looks like the smoke hand.

  3. Thanks for sharing that - it is something that you should dig deeper into to find out why you feel the way you do.... That's what I hope these Pagan Blog Prompts do for people...