Thursday, December 9, 2010

Well, I've managed to get my altar set up way before I thought it would!  I mean, there is roughly a little more than 2weeks until Yule so I grossly miscalculated the speed of our moving stuff around.  There is a decent sized table in the attic that I used and tried, best as I could, to take up only half so we could use the other half for our figurines.  Unfortunately I have some dragon figures that go on my altar which, well, are rather large.  They're dragons so of course they're going to take up a lot of space.  I may have to remove a few of them and place them around the room so we can use space efficiently.  Either way, I have my very first altar(pictures will follow once I take them).  It may not be 'proper' but it works for me and what I do. :)

The other day Tink, my Maine Coon cat, decided that she wanted to be on my altar. My first reaction is to scold her and shoo her off.

After succeeding and sitting down at the computer, I hear Grendal from the other room go "What do you expect?"

Me, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Hello~?  Bast?"

I don't know why I hadn't thought of that...then again I had just woken up.  I apologized to Tink and figured she just wanted to be near the statue.  Either that or she wanted to try and chew on my besom again. D:

The atmosphere in the house had been rather tense lately and I believe that is due to the fact that only one person out of 4 living there has a job, Grendal's mother(ye gods, that sounds horrible).  Grendal and his father have started a home business focused on woodworking.  Toys, canes, pens, bookcases, redoing kitchens, etc!  All of that done with wood.  The only problem is that it doesn't seem to be going anywhere just yet.  We've set up a Facebook page(link on the sidebar) to have people look at, they set up an ad in some local papers(which we can't seem to find), and we've tried word of mouth.  Nothing seems to be working just yet.  Grendal and his father have been putting hours a day working on 'prototypes' and I'm keeping track of the Facebook page and painting the toys when they're finished.  I have done a spell to help word of the business get out into the community, just give that little push, and I'm waiting and hoping to see some positive results.  Its all for Grendal and his family; without this they'll quickly sink.  It doesn't help that the unemployment rate in Northern Illinois is freakin' ridiculous.  I've been job searching for 4+ months and there isn't even a nibble.  I'm hoping that we get a client or something before long.  Don't know what's going to happen if we don't.

Okay, lighter note!  Due to my lack of funds and not knowing where to go for an athame Grendal has made me a lovely substitute out of wood!  Its lovely and goes well with the wand he made me during the summer.  I've never had so much in the way of 'proper' instruments.  I also need to go about printing up new copies of my BOS.  Its nothing impressive, is currently being housed in either my flashdrive or a pink 3-ring binder, and most of it is taken up with recipes for holiday food than anything else.  I guess its healthy to say that I leave spells as the last effort to make things work or help a situation, which I believe is good.

I think this weekend I'll see if Grendal is up to the task up putting up the tree.  Last year his parents bought a fake one, which didn't make Grendal all that happy.  He loved going out and finding a tree to bring home, even though he would break out into hives whenever he was pricked by the pines and I always end up with little pinpricks by the time we're done decorating.  Ah well.  We need some holiday cheer in this house!

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