Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No, I Don't Have Bathroom Issues

I know, odd title but it fits.  I've been "poo free" for about 5 or 6 months now.  Meaning that I haven't used shampoo and/or, in my case, conditioner for this amount of time.  I don't remember how I came upon all of it, though I think it had something to do with a link to a blog entry that was then linked to another entry by the author.  @_@  That was probably it.

Anywho, no shampoo for me or for Grendal.  He was my teammate with this endeavor which made me oh so happy.  I warned him about the ick factor that everyone wrote about.  I mean, you're no longer using shampoo to strip your hair of the oils and what not and then conditioner to make it feel and smell nice.  There was about a week for Grendal where his hair didn't look all that lovely and felt nasty.  Me?  It took me nearly a month to get over. D:  I swear that Grendal is Wolverine or something.  He heals insanely fast and gets over things that would take a 'normal' person a while to get over.  He has a cold for a day and it sticks with me for a week.  Grendal got his ear pierced.  We took good care of it and what not.  One day he takes it out to let his ear have a rest and within 12 hours he couldn't push the piercing through. :o  This makes me believe that whenever he gets his tattoos he'll heal beautifully!

It took a lot of testing to figure out the combination that we both needed to make this "no poo" thing work.  People were saying that a cup of the shampoo would last them a while, but Grendal and I need to use a cup each per hair washing.  Then again we both have thick, curly hair and it's considered long(everyone else had short hair or pixie cuts).  Grendal can use a small handful of his conditioner(water, cider vinegar, and cinnamon) on his entire head and his hair is BEAUTIFUL.   I can't use the cider vinegar because it makes my hair way too oily, so I have to make my own mixture using white vinegar and I use more than he does.  While my hair doesn't look nice that same day, I can go a week without washing my hair and it still looks great!  I mean I still have to run water through it but no need to wash it until I feel like it needs to or it starts looking a little oily. :P

My mother looked at me odd when I told her what I was doing and what exactly I was using to clean my hair.  She knew that shampoo was horrible for your hair and in response bought some of this WEN Hair Products that is supposed to be wonderful and do away with shampooing.  It's pretty much deep conditioning and what not.  Well, I was crashing over at her place and was trying to figure out whether or not I would just rinse my hair or make my mixture when she told me to just use the WEN products.  I hoped in the shower and was looking at the bottle.  It was rather small and I would have to use roughly 15 squirts of the stuff.  Seemed like alot to me.  I turned the bottle around and looked at the ingredients and then grabbed the Aussie Conditioner that was still in the shower.  While WEN does have more natural ingredients the chemicals it used were the same ones that Aussie used, though there was less.   Needless to say I just rinsed my hair.  My mother loves to get the newest thing and what not, so I'll let her enjoy paying out the nose for that stuff.  She has the money, lol.

That brings me to something else that I've been noticing.  What is wrong with curly hair??  My mother is trying to get rid of hers, my older sister is straightening my eldest niece's hair and my niece hates her curly hair.  D:  Or is it just my family?  I don't see many people with curly hair in general so when I do see it I'm happy.  Sure it may not be natural but there is someone else sporting the curly 'do!

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