Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gardeing....Ain't my thing

I have a black thumb, I swear. My mother told me banzai plants were hearty and they were hard to kill. I got myself one, pruned and watered it, even kept it in a nice spot. Sure enough it died. D:

For years I've wanted a garden, one that thrives with all the veggies and herbs I could want! They always die off. One time I asked Ba'al to aid in the fertility of my plot. Turns out I should've been a bit more specific because EVERYTHING went nuts. The weeds couldn't be controlled and then the prairie plants sprung up well over my head. To make matters worse, my parents' garden thrived like no one's business. :I

So, once again I'm setting out to garden. There is a nice bit of soil that is black compared tot he sandy dirt in the rest of the yard. I believe it was to thanks to the fact that no one touched it and the weeds and prairie plants grew. So I've been pulling up the dead stuff, getting rid of the small weeds and what not. Hopefully the seeds I've found are still viable, because we're still in a bit of a financial bind and every bit helps. Growing our own veggies, while not an immediate saving will help.

The big thing will be keeping the animals away, people(mainly children) from tromping through, and making sure no one takes my harvest without asking ME first. I have no problem sharing with Grendal's sister and her family, but I find it rather rude that they assume they can just take it. I've been debating about doing a ward or something, and the big reason is because of the financial situation. Who knows. That will all depend on if I can make something grow.

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