Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Odd Occurrence

Usually I don't let my train of thoughts get too out of hand. The random thoughts that pop in my head aren't too random and I know where they come from.

Today Grendal and I were milling about our room when we both heard a bird outside. I stop to listen and Grendal has an odd smile on his face.  I tell him I've never heard that particular call before. He informs me we have a hawk in the yard.  He hurries downstairs while I grad a light jacket and some sandals so we can sneak a peek at our guest.  By the time we get out the hawk is gone and the little birds are tweeting and the squirrels are back searching for food.

Grendal is, of course, a little disappointed that we didn't get to see it so we start heading back in.  My mind, for some reason, jumps to crows and I think 'I always see two.'  Now, this just causes me to halt all form of thought in my little head.  Where did that come from?  Yes, I do see crows often and they always seem to come about when something is upsetting me or if I need some eye candy in the trees(odd I know). Crows have always been comforting for some reason and I just love watching them.

I know it isn't too far fetched to think of Odin and his two birds(I know they're ravens rather then crows), Huginn and Muninn, especially since I've been going on a bit of a Norse binge.  Yet, that couldn't be right.  If my brain is bringing up some recent stuff I've been reading I should be having random thoughts about hobbits and the Illuminati/Free Masons(Dan Brown's stuff can be entertaining). So where did this thought about crows come from? Grendal and I have talked about them either.

As hard as is it for me to mention it(don't ask why), I think someone may have been trying to reach out to me.  Well, just gotta keep an open mind, yes?

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