Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dirty Fingers

Today was a fun little day.  We were doing a belated celebration for the Grendal's brother's birthday.  Grendal's eldest niece was over, which is always a delight.  The two of us have a problem with young kids.  I get frustrated very easily and don't like the whole diaper thing, and Grendal can't really touch them with out feeling physically ill(don't know why).  Ri(who is 5 I believe), though, seemed to be an exception; Grendal was able to pick her up at the age of 3 and feel just fine.  Since Ri is past the whole potty training time I'm good too, lol.  She is always happy to see the two of us and loves Grendal to death.  Its only around Ri and my youngest niece that I ever really feel maternal, which is odd.  The second oldest niece of Grendal's is the same age as my youngest niece, yet I can't really tolerate her.  I don't know why.  The youngest of Grendal's nieces isn't 2 yet and that's not a good age for either of us.

One awesome thing about Ri is her love of playing outside.  Grendal and I were very much the nature lovers growing up and we still are.  So I ventured into the yard while Grendal and the other men worked on one of the cars.  Grendal's mother and sister were watching his nieces(yeah, no male grandkids).  Ri and the other two were playing around, mostly in the dirt.  That side of yard had been torn up by the county so that the street could have water and 'proper' sewage.  The tree line was completely demolished and there isn't a thing growing.  Honestly it looks hideous.

So while the kids are playing I go poking around in the dirt and start finding some interesting rocks.  Nothing spectacular, just ones with 'sparkles,' oddly shaped ones, some with holes, and some nice pebbles that had kind of a milky look to them.  It didn't take long for Ri to notice what I was doing.  I showed her the rocks I was placing on the trunk of a fallen tree and soon she was looking for her own rocks.  She now has a nice group of rocks she wishes to clean and then put in her room as decorations.

One of the reasons why I think Ri seems to adore Grendal and I is the fact that we're a loving couple.  Ri's parents are divorced and it wasn't a happy one.  Her mother is unstable at times and appears to be chronic liar, making things hard for a growing child.  Coming here she sees the stability of a happy family and that relationships can be good.  I also think Grendal's brother finds it odd that I get maternal with Ri.  I play with her, I let her sit in my lap when I'm flipping through books on faeries(gotta love Froud's work!), and I tend to her when I can.  Grendal and I hold her hands when we go out, swinging her around and what not.  Grendal throws her over his shoulder and gives her piggy back rides.  If we were suddenly given Ri as a child I think things would be a happy one.

If I ever have a child, I want her to be like Ri.

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