Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fable speculations

(Warning: This is nothing but video game rambling and speculation.  Possible spoilers, blah blah blah.  Feel free to add comments, dispute, and what not.  I like to hear these things.)

Okay, with Fable 3 being out for a bit now and so many people having beaten the game and what not I thought I might start this up since I'm a nut for the story of the entire series.

How do you guys think it all fits together?  The stories for Fable 2 and 3 are lacking majorly compared to the story of the first game.  Yet if you put the stories of 2 and 3 together, since they're so close in time, it makes them a bit better.  This makes me believe that every game following the first game is nothing more than one giant story.

There is a 500 year gap between game one and two, and only 50 between two and three.  One major thing that I noticed was the serious decline in the appearance of heroes over that 500 year period.  Seriously, in Fable you couldn't throw a rock and not hit someone who was a hero.  Yet in Fable 2 there is a total of 4.  In the first game many of the enemies you killed were Heroes but in the second game the big notable deaths were of the Commandant and Lucien.  In Fable 3, again, you are a hero and then you have Reaver, no one else.  You also have the sway of life or death, by your own hands, on two people: Logan and Captain Saker.  What is going on?  Has the hero bloodlines begun to dry up or what?

I think this boils down to one thing, or person: Theresa.  There is obviously something up with her.  In Fable 2 you are told that the Spire would disappear after you made your wish(if I remember correctly, if not show me otherwise), but it doesn't and Theresa says that the Spire is hers.  How is this possible?  She knows something more about the Spire.

The major thing here is Theresa's manipulation of her own bloodline; she is the ancestor of the heroes of Fable 2 and 3.  Why?  In the second game she manipulates the others, having a hand in the death of Hammer's father, probably informing Lucien that Sparrow and Rose purchased the music box, and still being in contact with Lucian through it all(around the time your dog sacrifices its life, Lucien makes a comment about how he just listened which makes me believe he was listening through Theresa).

In Fable 3 Theresa contacts Logan after his return from Aurora and his narrow escape from The Crawler.  Logan is shown what is coming to Albion and he tries to save it.  Now, its up to debate on whether or not Theresa knew what type of King Logan would turn in to, if he has the potential to become a Hero like his sibling(there is no specific way one awakens to the power and Theresa is proof that more than one child can be a hero in a generation, for their particular bloodline), or if she manipulated him further to get what she wanted out of the prince/princess.  Theresa doesn't have as much of a hand in the Hero's life as in the second game but she still omits certain things that could have been helpful.  During your fight with The Crawler it says "Did the Blind Seeress not tell you about us? Did she not warn you?"  Theresa knew you would head to Aurora and did not tell you what waited for you there, making it obvious that she was in contact with The Crawler.  It has been waiting centuries to attack Albion, but there is no specific length.  It may have been during Theresa's time which means she could have easily been in contact with it sooner(same thing with Reaver, he was there before you yet didn't run in to the damn thing.

My opinion is that Theresa is trying to distill the hero bloodline.  Again, why would she do such a thing?  (This is taken from the Fable wiki, so credit to them)The Fable II Limited Edition Guide Bundle, the concept art book called "Ye' Olde Art Book" has the Art Director, John McCormack quoting:
"We used a few hooks and links to the original Fable in the sequel. One of the main ones was the use of Theresa, who was the Hero's blind sister in the original Fable. She is now a strange, ageless, wandering fortune teller in Albion who acts as the player's guide throughout the game... but there's more to her than a simple tutorial, quest giving device... she has secrets and her motives aren't particularly clear."
That makes it clearer that Theresa is hiding something and I think its sinister.  I believe it has something to do with the Archon bloodline.  She may not believe that what she is doing it wrong and with her powers sees the positive outlook but its not beyond Theresa to ignore the lives of others to attain what she wants.  She puts the heroes' life in danger for her own means.  Think about it....Fable 2 wouldn't have happened without her getting Rose to seriously think about buying the music box.

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