Friday, November 26, 2010

Is it Safe?

I'm not much of a Black Friday shopper and, honestly, try to stay inside most of the day.  Luckily I succeed!

Thanksgiving was wonderful.  Grendal and I spent time with my father's family, and I didn't give a thought towards my mother because it would have only stressed me out.  I did get a text from her later in the day saying she hoped I had a good time and, even though I'm 26, she wanted me to email her my holiday gift list.  So all is well for now.

Usually when I search the internet I end up being in odd places thanks to following links that catch my eye.  This happened again and I ended up coming across a blog post about Natib Qadish.  The word captured my attention because I didn't know how to say it or what the hell it meant.  So I read on and, lo and behold, it's a reconstruction of the Canaanite beliefs.  I tweaked out for a second and read through the article, very much surprised that this movement was about and that I could get more information on Ba'al.  Needless to say I have two websites bookmarked that talk about Natib Qadish and have requested a book on the subject as a present this year.  Whether or not I strictly follow the belief or mix it in with my eclectic pagan ways, I'm not sure.  Either way I'm learning some pretty interesting stuff!

Natib Qadish, Canaanite Paganism

Grendal and I are moving to the upper part of his parent's home(not sure if I mentioned this before).  What's awesome about this move is that I will be able to construct my first altar.  Before it was always makeshift things and on the spot whenever a ritual/spell/holiday was in order, and it was small.  Now I have a decent sized table to set things up and decorate. This makes me unbelievably happy and, with some luck, we should be moved up there and have the alter set up by Yule!  If I feel gutsy and comfortable with it, I may snap a picture or two and post it.

That's enough out of me.  I have to make some dinner. 

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