Monday, November 22, 2010

Pagan Blog Prompts: Clothing Optional?

Obviously trying something interesting.  I stumbled on Pagan Blog Prompts and couldn't help myself.

How is your ritual clothing different from your daily wardrobe, if at all? Are you one to attend ritual skyclad (naked)? Why or why not?

Are there certain items you wear on a regular basis that are always present in your rituals (a necklace or ring, perhaps)? Does the energy of that item change for you?

I practice alone.  There was a time when I did have a small group and when we got together we wore certain clothes. Mine was a dress I bought at a Halloween shop.  While that is embarrassing to admit, it was all I could manage and it looked wonderful!  Nowadays, though, I don't have a specific outfit to wear for rituals.  In a way I am a little sad about it but most of the time what I do is spontaneous and I don't have the time to slip into that something special.

As for going skyclad.....I would never do so in a group and that is because I'd be nervous and way too self conscious.  I know there would be no need for any of that but its just one of those things.  I have done a few solo rituals skyclad, on a whim, and things ended up nicely, so to each their own and I may do it again!

There is a piece of jewelry that I always wear.  It's a coin/pendant that I bought at a renfair.  On one side there is a cat and on the other there is a dragon.  I used to wear another one which had a Celtic cross and pentacle done in Celtic knot work.  The time came, though, for that one to be retired and I have a new one.  This piece of jewelry has become a part of me and I think it does help when I wear it during ritual.  There is just something special about it.

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